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About us

More About John: John is an avid Tonka and Pressed Steel toy truck restorer and customizer. He has been a restorer all his life taking old items, furniture, bicycles, scooters and toys and bringing the beauty back. This has carried over to his Toy Truck business, mostly Tonka trucks.

When he started restoring and customizing Toy trucks he saw that individuals would do beautiful work in creating and painting a toy truck only to see it on eBay for the 3 to 7 day auction then disappear into someone’s collection never to be seen again and with no “Lineage” in other words the creator was nowhere to be found in future generations. He decided that this would not happen to his work so in 2011 he created Custom Tin Toy Trucks, llc along with a website to certify, showcase and give a serial number to each restoration or truck that he did so as to give a lineage to his creations. In the process he decided to open his web sit up to others and created the Custom Tin Toy Truck, llc Artisans Guild where like minded restorers and customizers could do the same with their masterpieces.

In the fall of 2012 he was written up in the local newspaper The Portland Tribune for his accomplishments. He has a sharing heart which is why he opened up the Artisan’s Guild and has written this book. To see more of his work visit

More About Jason: Jason previously served as Senior Vice President of Advancement at Northwest University. He holds an MBA from Eastern University and is the bestselling author of three books published with McGraw Hill and available in bookstores worldwide. You can see his full collection of books on his Amazon author page.

In 2008 he helped his wife start Liberty Jane Clothing based on her doll clothes design talent. In 2009 they began selling Cinnamon's work as digitally downloaded patterns and the company quickly expanded. Today they run, the world's largest marketplace for doll clothes patterns. With over 1.5 million patterns downloaded to-date, the site draws customers from around the world and dominates it's category.